I just got a new netbook. I am trying to go paperless. I did this with the other one already.

I can't register GSAK even with a new paid for registration. I keeps saying to check the caps lock and I never use it so it's fine. Just name and serial number do not match. I even did what they asked and copied it and pasted. Just won't work.

I also can not download the Download Garmin Nuvi GSAK Macro file

This is what I get...
# MacVersion = 2.0
# MacDescription = All Garmin Nuvis - Geocaching POI Export with Description, Hint and Logs!!
# MacAuthor = Pilotsnipes
# MacFileName = garmin-nuvi-exportgpx.gsk
# MacUrl = http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/ind...owtopic=193374
# Personally only tested with a Nuvi 760 and Nuvi 360.
# Based on code from IpodNotes.gsk by Clyde.
# Based on code from MergeGPX.gsk by Kai Team.
# Colours for Nuvi 3xx series added!
# ALL Nuvis can now use POILoader to send the data to the units!
# Nuvi 2xx can now use TourGuides!! Thanks to knowschad for pointing me in the direction and "Hornbyp" for the specifics in his posts.
# Thanks to jjreds for some good ideas in his macro that I've included here.
# Unless there are serious bugs discovered, this will be the final version of this macro. It is far exceeded by jjreds macro which can be found
# here: http://jjreds01.googlepages.com/download

#Macro starts here
# Version check
VERCHECK Version= (please update GSAK to the latest version to run this macro - see http://gsak.net. It has not been tested with older versions.)
SET $version_macro = "2.0"

GOSUB Name=Declare

Any help?