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how and what is book marking on the cache page.

and I have a garmin etrek legend, will this work with mapsource? and if so where do you get mapsource, I have google earth not sure if that will help or not. I pretty new to this I just managed to start very simple paperless caching.

thanks for the overwehlming help and suport.
Are you a Premium member with geocaching.com?

You can create multiple bookmark lists, like "My favorite caches" or "Caches I want to find," that can be shared with others or kept private for your own use. You are also able to generate and add listings to a personal ignore list, for those caches you never plan to find but show up in your search results.

You can add the caches you have found to the list and I can use it to verify your finds. Mapsource is Garmin's mapping software, not sure which models it will work with.


hope this helps.