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    Just something else to think about on the trail... I checked a cache in a stump the other day, went to break a piece off a very rotten stump next to that one, stuck my walking stick in the middle to steady it and.... that stump was full of hornets. We ran and they didn't get us. But now I think (and look) twice before reaching my hand into a "stumped" hiding place!
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    Post Guard rails....

    I have a cache at my work and recently 2 people posted that the guard rail has an active hornets nest in it. While the cache is not a GR hide, I still investigated and sprayed the area. I appreciated the logs that stated the nest, and I took care of it promptly. I always look inside a GR before just sticking my hand in...

    Many cachers are allergic and I wouldn't want someone having a episode while doing one of my caches. Thanks for the post, and the warning.

    Adding hornets to the pesky list: mosquitos, horse flies, chiggers, no see-ums, ticks, wasps, and now hornets. It will be Winter soon and all of these will disappear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Team2hunt View Post
    I have a cache at my work and recently 2 people posted that the guard rail has an active hornets nest in it.
    Good advice for this time of year: if you can't see the container in a GRC, don't go sticking your hand in there too far! I've encountered hornets nests twice in the last couple of weeks.

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    Seems the high heat of Summer often brings about fast and furious nest building by stinging insects. Appears it'll be a short exposure to them this year.
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