wbdent I notice tonight after reading a post someone made that they put there email address in the post as a point of contact. I would like to point out to people that do not realize that this is not a good thing to do. The reason is because internet spiders are made to search forums and web sites for email address so that they can use them for sending spam and junk mail. I think you all know what I mean. The @ sign is usually what triggers the spiders that there is an email and then they home in on it. So here is what I recommend. If you going to post an email address trying posting something like this:


Most people will realize to replace the (at) with the @ and the spiders should not pick up on this either. Another way it to just tell the people to send you an private message or an email buy clicking on your username.

wbdent This is just some helpful advice. If you wish to include an email in a post I am not going to stop anyone.