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I am almost tempted to report the auction as containing potentially stolen property. The fact that he won't even give his friend's username is really fishy... and I find it hard to believe that he is getting bids 10x what he originally expected but is unwilling to go on gc.com and educate himself. You would think he would want to have all of the information sorted out so he can be sure to get the $100 people are willing to spend.
Don't waste your time. I noticed an ebay sale of a coin and asked for the tracking number. The seller gave it to me and after seeing that it was activated, explained it to them. His ebay id and caching id (yes, he was a geocacher) were close enough that I was able to see that he logged a cache, but didn't log the coin retrieve. I offered to pay for shipping, then to buy it, but he refused. I found the coin owner who also got involved, but neither ebay nor GC.com would do anything about it. The owner marked the coin page as stolen, but that was all she could do.