OK, so they named a tropical storm soon to be himicane Danny. My wife Di lived in Florida for 12 years and has been through a good many of these so here are our thoughts.

First of all, time to load up on beer now. If a big one hits you can't work, can't cache, the stores are down...you get the picture.

Di says start hording canned tuna. Very nutricious, doesn't need to be cold, goes great with beer. In Florida fights break out over Charlie in the can and peanut butter.

DVD's. Get a bunch. You'll make yourself crazy watching Jim Santori standing at the end of the Rockland Breakwater or Portland head Light with his zipper blown open! The guy is begging to be hit with a bait tote from a grounded lobster boat. Don't encourgage him. Get a good movie like "The Perfect Storm" or Debbie Does Danny!

Underwear and socks. Load up now. You heard the expression " Got my socks blown off", this is what and when that happens. Haines makes storm-proof and load-leveling underwear for those willing to pay the price for quality u-trows.

Water. Highly over-rated, necessary for coffee and nothing else. You know what fish do in water....just get a few bottles. Don't fill up your tub like "they" say. You going to drink water out of your tub you sick and crazed person?

Final thoughts. While I'm proud they named a himicane after me, I don't want it to do a lot of damage...but sheesh, a few knocked over trees and a couple of shingles blown off here and there, scattered power outages would make me proud they named this thing after me!