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Thread: Closing in......

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    Congratulations Dan and Di! I am glad I was able to come along on many of your finds in the last year and to be able to call you two friends! Keep up the good work and keep looking over your shoulder for the rest of us!
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    There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.~~Albert Einstein
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    Default Thanks!

    Well, first I have to admit I just looked at the "Closing in" thread and didn't realize it was about us. So....thank you all. Not sure 2500 is one of the the big ones but we're happy to have found so many fun caches. The best part is all the new friends, a few who know what Di and I were grappling with this summer and for those who know, the news is great, better then we expected so scratch the 2500 as we celebrate just how fragile life can be.

    On a more fun note, we are psyched as all get out to see a lot of our caching buddies in Eustis. Di is ready to pack the truck now! Not sure we'll make it but I'd like to hit 3000 by the time we hit our 2 year anniversary, October 31st. If only my secretaries would stop piling the work on my desk......... Thanks everybody for the kind thoughts!
    Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason.

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    Hey Dan I told you it was addictive.... I hope to get back to Maine one of these days and we can get out to do some caching together. Congrats!!!
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    You're just kidding, right?
    Quote Originally Posted by dubord207 View Post
    Not sure we'll make it but I'd like to hit 3000 by the time we hit our 2 year anniversary, October 31st.
    Everyone has the right to be an idiot at times. Just don't abuse the privilege.

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