Some caches have hints....others don't. Some hints don't help until after you find the cache.

How about you? Do you ask for a hint, or additional hints in your log or through contacting the C.O.? Have you had any luck in asking for more?

I have a list of supposed 1.5s that stump me. I usually visit a cache multiple times before I'll ask for help. And if I visit the cache that many times, it's usually important to me for sure.

I've had very little luck contacting C.O.s for help, and hesitate to ask for it. I'm not sure if they lose my messages in e-mail along w/all the logs they get, or they chose not to help. I even had one C.O. tell me that it's appropriate to ask for a hint in the form of a "yes/no" reply.

Others have better luck using the Phone a friend. I hesitate to do that, even when offered. Everyone's busy w/their lives or they'd be out caching all the time. I don't want to bother someone just for a cache....after all... it's just a game.

It's funny. Some C.O.s love that you'll do All their caches, and ask if you've done certain ones. It's hard to do them when they don't maintain them. It's frustrating when you want to do someone's series cache and can't because there's one or two that need maintenance. Multi-caches fall into that category as well. I would think a series or multi would have top priority in a C.O.s maintenance schedule!?

So how do you handle it all? Do you just eat it? Do you boycott the C.O.s other caches? Do you discretely rely on the help of the other cachers you know?

If you don't feel comfy posting to the boards...I do welcome contact back channel. Thank you to all that have done that already. There are so many more that still hold it in...don't. If you have something constructive or experiential....share it. We all can learn from one another, so let's do it.