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Thread: Do You Need Landowner Permission To Place A Cache?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterski View Post
    Looking back over the past posts now, I notice that even guard rail caches(at the waterfront) are sometimes not welcomed.
    That is true, for example, the Bangor Harbormaster has clearly stated he wants no caches on the Bangor waterfront (public land).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterski View Post
    If its not a guardrail, someone probably needs to approve the placement I would think.
    This is exactly what I see. It's is better to assume you are not allowed to place without permission than to assume you are allowed.

    You can check with nearly any town office to find who owns most land easily. Contacting them may be another story...

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    Default Town Office Addresses

    Right you are brdad! If there's anything a town knows, it's where to find you to send the tax bill! I have requested permission to place caches on two islands where I live and sent letters to the addresses the town provided. Both landowners promptly responded...both negative, but the moral of the story is it's easy to find the lawful owner of any property if you make the effort!
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