I have a great idea and I think this might have been brought up before but I'll introduce it once again since I don't want to intrude an another topic. We as active members and even non-active members owe it to this site to remind new cachers that we are here. If you have placed a cache or even seen others placing caches and you know they are new and don't know about this site you owe it yourselves and others to introduce them to us. When you see that they are new with only a few caches under their belt,give them a buzz and tell them about us and invite them to visit this site. I used to do that all the time and don'tknow how many people I have brought to the site but it is many I'm sure. Just ask them to visit us at www.geocachingmaine.org and if there is anything geocaching related that we can help them with then just ask us here. I think the last person I asked was Dan Dubord and look what he has done for this site and for caching. JMHO