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Thread: What makes an irresponsible cacher / cache hider?

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    Default What makes an irresponsible cacher / cache hider?

    I'm starting this thread in an attempt to help steer another thread back onto the topic of cache permissions. One of my beliefs is that when a cacher is in a hurry to hunt or hide a cache, there is an increase in the probability of that person knowingly or unknowingly trespassing, tearing apart locations, or making other mistakes or errors in judgment which can impact Geocaching. Feel free to use this thread to reflect on that claim or to display others ways we as cache finders or hiders can be irresponsible and perhaps what can be done to minimize the risk.

    These are some examples listed in the other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by squirrelcache View Post
    For those who haven't seen it.....on August 29th it was published. "The New Hampshire Bureau of Trails said 12,000 acres of forest in the Ossipee Mountains region have been closed to the public due to irresponsible trail users."

    We've all seen many times where caches have been placed in sensitive areas, and the FTF cachers trample the whole area to find it. It doesn't help when someone's new to the game and doesn't have good equipment or understand proper and wise placement. Then it doesn't take long before the geo-trail is ground in to stay for a long time after it's abandoned. Such geo-trails are off-trail and against most trail use policies.

    Guess this story is a Huge reminder to us all to keep an eye out, and act ethically in our caching. The placement of a cache might be questionable....that doesn't mean we have to support that wrong. Most of us are great about helping to right the wrong.

    Learn to cache.... Love to cache...... Help others to learn.... Help others to Love it
    Quote Originally Posted by Opalsns View Post
    We went to Eustis last year to do some of the new caches put out along with the old.
    At one GRC 2 car loads of cachers from Canada, down for the event showed up at the cache we were doing . We were signing the log in the car. We told them we had it and one of them came to the truck to get it. We left and went to the next one , before we finished signing it, They showed up right behind us again. We gave them the cache and went to the next, MOOSELOOK. A full size cache a little in the woods. We walked in around the sand piles and headed up the "trail" area.
    Yup, They they were pulling in and Ran from the cars up and over and around and the group went running by us through the woods. They were still looking for it when we got to GZ and within seconds Bubba said , found it. Just as he reached for it , one of the group stepped infront of him to reach for the cache. Bubba stepped on the cache and said, I found it , I'll go through it first. Bubba is the calm one. I would have shoved him on his a_ _.
    We signed the log and gave them the cache and turned to go back to the truck, Within seconds 3 of the Canada group Charged passed us racing each other back to their vehicles. Some may have noticed the trampled areas around there at that time.
    They really made caching there that day unenjoyable , so we left.

    And before anyone gets their Granny Panties in a giant wadd......

    They WERE from Canada and I don't know their names or I wouldn't have used the term Canadian Cachers, AND , I am not acusing Any Canadian Cachers of Anything. I'm just referencing to the " Rush and Trample" approach we saw that day. I have never seen it before or again.!!

    Quote Originally Posted by squirrelcache View Post
    At a fishing spot in Boothbay....I sat on the rocks well away from GZ to protect integrity should someone come along. Sure out of State car pulled up and one of us gave the muggle alert in time before a couple jumped out. The guy looking at his brand new 60csx walked right over to where it was.....then's missing. I was appalled and almost didn't speak up. I said "you looking for this"!? He came over and signed the log. Then went into talking about 356 finds on his 90th day of caching. Then went into bragging about stealth and showed us his tools of the game. I about laughed in his face... though remained polite. I gave him some friendly and subtle reminders before he tore off down the road, after stating his Goal before the sun went down in an hour. He didn't care about the caches.......only the numbers. I was glad I spoke up about how much we Mainers love our caches, and our ethical/careful practices on All caches, not just the micro/nanos in the city. Reminders can be a wonderful thing......... though delivery often makes the difference of how well it's received, if at all.
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