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Thread: Law and Order CI

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    Default Law and Order CI

    I don't watch this show,but I may check out this episode. This was attached to the weekly e-mail from

    May 8 - Geocaching featured on Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Geocaching is on the (fictional) police blotter next week!
    Set your VCRs or DVRs to record the May 8 episode of
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The upcoming episode "The
    Unblinking Eye" reveals the plot "A young actor is wounded and
    his fiancée killed, leading detectives to look into a high-tech
    treasure-hunting game called geocaching."

    I hope it puts caching in a positve light.
    Happy Trails!

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    "Wonder where that dead body is..."
    "Oh, look over there, a suspicious pile of rocks..."
    "Ah, that must be it. And what a view! I'm glad we don't live in an area where they hide all the dead bodies under every light pole"
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    Default Mother's Day

    I know that it is Mother's Day, but do we want to make a plan to all together and watch it on a big screen somewhere? Just another reason to eat wings and drink beer?

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    Default Yikes!

    Oh Great! This all I need - my mother already thinks I will be abducted and/or murdered as a result of my fun hobby - this will confirm her every suspicion even if geocaching has nothing to do with the crime - LOL.
    ~ Beach Comber ~

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    d’76 Guest


    Find a big enough tv and place to sit and i will be there

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    Talking Bring your mom!

    I'd go along with the impromptu "wings for Mom TV thing"... course I could bring my mom,... she caches with me!!

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    Smile Big Screen found!

    I have the opportunity to reserve a room and a big screen tv in the Bangor area for Sunday evening, May 8. Before I do, I just want to check to see how much interest there is. It would be a bring your own soda and munchies event. No alcohol will be served or allowed in the door. Seating for about 50 people.

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    d’76 Guest

    Thumbs up

    I'll be there

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    Count me in too.

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    We should be able to make it too...going to see the monster in law this weekend, but we should be back in time...if it's on?

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