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Thread: Geocaching in Education

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    Default Geocaching in Education

    Hello all,

    I am a student documentarian and I am interested in talking to Mainers who are using geocaching as a teaching tool. Maybe you're a classroom teacher, a parent, a homeschooler, a babysitter...I'd like to hear from you! Give me a shout if you're interested and I can explain the project further. Thanks!


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    My father PAX Marine is a 5th grade teacher and geocacher. I know as part of a class he took that he did some work with some kids in his class on mapping and basic gps stuff but I don't know to what extent. You can PM him on here and he'll probably get back to you or pm me and I can give you his email address.
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    Look up a gentleman named Bob at the Cooperative Extension office in Lisbon, and someone at the one in the Portland C.E. office as well. They educate kids in classrooms and through 4-H groups. Their main focus is GIS...they also use geocaching for a fun lesson in the use and understanding of GPSrs.
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    You have probably already heard of this site but it might be of some help as well.
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    This could be another opportunity for someone with some educational talent to create some materials for younger cachers. I have mentioned coloring books and the like, or maybe some fun geocaching games (word find/crosswords/who knows what) that we could have on the site in PDF form for younger geocachers. Seems like these would be nice at some of the events, and perhaps they might even be of interest in the school classrooms.

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