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Thread: Now this is an event!

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    Now that you mention it I did see that once on the menu. It is good. Just don't think too much about whats in it or what it is in.
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    Default How did you miss that?

    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe? View Post
    Years ago, when I was first told that we were being assigned to Turkey, my first reaction was "Sheesh! They eat sheep's eyes there!". But in 3 1/2 years, I never saw a sheep's eye that wasn't in the sheep, and although we ate some things that I doubt were what they were purported to be, we was pleasantly surprised by the cuisine.

    Sheesh! I love Poutine, but I bet it would gross out many of the members! LOL!

    We used to see buckets full of them in the market in beautifull downtown Dyarbakir. That was probably a hint that we didn't belong there. That being said, Lahmajun - Turkish "Pizza" was amazing. I've never eaten lamb as good as you could get on the side of the road. (for the un-initiated there were dozens of Turkish "Hot dog" style stands by the bazaar. They sold lamb, yoghurt sauce and rice for just about 25 cents) Hmmm Kebabs.
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