Based on a post in the 2009 thread - looks like it is on again for next year..........

"Yes, we'll do it again in 2010! I have already reserved both group sites for September 23, 24 and 25th (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)."

So, I am opening this thread for Jean - and all to plan. I do caution to one thing.........not everyone who may have come is a member of this site or even if they are may visit here........... so once the "official" posting goes up - do post things there.

kayakingloon and Team Richards put a ton of work into this event - which will only prove to be bigger and better in 2010, I believe. Jean - thanks for posting the dates early! Helps everyone who may want to take a beautiful fall vacation to get Totally Useless in Eustis.

Keep us posted on details!