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Thread: B-17 Crash site outside of Oquossoc

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    For those of you that went to the geocache at the B-17 crash site just outside of Oquossoc Maine this past weekend. I dug up some more information on this crash. Here is what I found.

    The bomber, which was the second worst aircraft crash in Maine history, occurred the exact same day as THE worst crash in Maine history when a bomber went down in South Portland.

    USAF 43-38023, piloted by Lt. John Cast from Springfield, OH (from obit.) and crashed on Deer Mountain -- a remote and un-trailblazed mountain. The only story found about it reported that the bodies were removed and, using a bulldozer, the plane was buried and still is resting on the side of the mountain. Also, all of the crash found on this aircraft list it as a B-17G, but the memorial describes it as a B-17J.


    I'm interested in any information anyone might have about this crash and of its exact whereabouts -- I would love to visit the actual site and record the coordinates for others.
    Shotgun and I went there after the Eustis event last year! A steep hill for about 600 feet. Moss and fern covered, it's kinda slippery getting to it. Not much to see but moss covered "Bumps". There is a small memorial at the site. The roads are pretty good too. It is pretty remote though. The cache it's self is at the crash location.
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