I think this is the appropriate place to ask this. I figure I have an entire forum of hikers at my fingertips, so I may as well ask you all for advice

I am a pretty clumsy person. Two months ago I tripped and hurt my ankle. Since then I've stumbled at least 15 times and made it hurt worse each time. Sometimes while hiking, other times while just walking around my house or office. My doctor says it's a minor sprain that isn't healing b/c I keep irritating it (he's doing xrays today to make sure it's nothing worse), but it's not swollen and isn't bad enough to stop me from doing most things. It is, however, a nuisance pain with pretty much each step.

There's not much I can do about my day-to-day clumsiness but I would like to get a hiking shoe that will give me some support during my caching clumsiness. Any tips?

I went to the LLBean store and they recommended these http://www.llbean.com/webapp/wcs/sto...tn&cat4=505550. They didn't have any in stock for me to try on so I have ordered a pair and am waiting for them to be sent to me to try out. If I don't like them, does anyone know of something else I should try?