Had a wonderful day yesterday. Didn't have any particular cache in mind for the 1,000th (or at least none that I was likely to get to) so decided to just make a fun day of it. I knew I wanted to finish the Route 2 Mystery Tour so went over the Height of Land which I love and started with the Rt 2 cache in Mexico, Maine. Then did the Rumford cache, the Bethel one and stopped at Gilead Boat Launch for # 1,000. That's a very pretty spot, river flowing by, foliage, an ammo can for a cache. Then on to get the last Rt 2 cache at the state line. Today I plan to get the final. Then we stopped and visited with a very good friend in Bethel and after that on to visit WoodsRoma in Conway. We had just enough time to grab 4 caches there. She kept saying "there's a cache right there too".. but we didn't have time. I can't wait to go back there. Talked to Brad on his cell phone. Then we took Route 16 north to Errol. Tried for a cache in Wilson's Mills but it was too dark. We saw one deer, many turkeys, one rabbit and 11 moose. Two of the moose we saw in the daylight and the other 9 were after dark. Two moose ran right in front of us and we almost, but not quite, hit them. Scary! That route should be driven in the daylight. So it was a fun day. Snow on the mountains, foliage, decent if cold weather, visits with two very good friends, lots of moose. Life (and caching) is good! And thank you for all the kind words! See you on the trail... or at the event next year..