An interesting observation today while out doing some cache maintenance before winter. When hubby was on oral chemo, we had some very cool larger pill containers. I used a number of them for caches. Painted the tops and camo taped the sides. They have been very reliable.

The OR Tract container had been in place since 3/14/2007. It is smaller (in comparison to some) and has never, to my knowledge, had food in it. I have checked it every year. Well, today I discovered some critter thought it might be nice to get into it. They had chewed the cover so there was just a rim and top in one place. There was nothing in the bottle to make them chew - wondering if someone had something on their fingers and the residue smelled appealing?

Here is a photo. Guess I am lucky it didn't get carried off. EMSDanel knows that can happen with Geocoins (as by a stroke of luck he recovered one near an animals den, which was near a cache location of his that kept being muggled by an animal).

I had another container in the car so I just replaced it. Much easier to do this fall than in the snow of winter.

Cache on - cache happy!