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Thread: A Geocaching Mouse??!!

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    Default A Geocaching Mouse??!!

    This is the time of year when mice start to try to move into our house. Lots of bird seed on the ground attracts them and the house is nice and warm. We even had a panel installed near the circuit breaker box in the "old" part of the house so we can remove dead mice. BUT... we have never had one in the house itself, always just in the walls. So it starts to get cold, I hear mouse gnawing and the traps come out. Every day I look for any mouse droppings inside or any signs that they have been near any food. Per usual, nothing. This morning I moved a plastic container of nuts and there is what looks like a Brazil nut and maybe some droppings in back of the container. I pick up the "nut" and it's a signature item from a cache I found, a signature item I like a lot, a small wooden mouse! It's ears and tail have been chewed off and its nose nibbled on. And it's been carried from where it resided on the window sill over the kitchen sink clear across the counter to the other end of the kitchen. I check the window sill and yes, there are mouse droppings around all the items I have brought home from caches and nowhere else! Does anyone know DJ&CAL?? I need a new sig item mouse! And oh yes, the DeCon is now out everywhere. But why didn't the mouse touch any food?? Why just the geocaching stuff? Have any cachers died recently and been reincarnated.....Where is Ekidokai when you need him??
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    That mouse is just looking around at all the great stuff you have. Must not be hungry yet.
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