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Thread: Absent mindedness and settings.

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    What Mike failed to mention was that while in pedestrian mode he had walked from Salem, Ma to the rest stop (Burger King) in Kennebunkport...which is where we met up. No wonder he was so hungry!!!

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    It's great fun when you forget to switch from Auto to pedestrian on your handheld and Can't find the cache for Nothin'........ I've seen it having me 150' or more from the cache before using my geosenses and finally switching it over for more accuracy.
    I'm just nuts about geocaching!!

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    Actually what I forgot to mention was that as we were getting ready to leave the investigation, one of my crew asked if I got anything on the recorder. That's when I remembered I had left it running on a stump.

    I went back and found my cigar I had left there. Those are good cigars so I picked it up and back to the van I go. When I got back they asked me if I could hear anything on the recorder. Not from here I said and back I go again. Mumbling to myself the whole way "get the recorder", "get the recorder". I got to the spot and a group asked me about directions I helped them out and back to the van I go.

    I only got about half way there and as soon as I saw the van and everyone standing out there looking at me I realized yet again I still did not have the recorder, so back I go again, followed by 4 of my crew, laughing at me.

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