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  • Option 1-Portland Headlight

    57 48.72%
  • Option 2-Maine Dirigo Seal

    60 51.28%
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Thread: Vote now for your favorite Maine Geocoin Design!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach Comber
    Cameoooooo - does "too close to call" mean that it is a tie?
    Either a tie or within two or three votes...if that happens on Saturday when I pull the vote, I will recalculate and disallow all the out of state votes. With those votes disallowed, there should be a winner. In the event of a tie, I'm gonna run away! Then you can start that missing thread we talked about.

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    I'll start drafting the thread just in case a tie does present itself - hehehehe

    Thanks again for all your hard work on this project!! It will be an awesome coin
    ~ Beach Comber ~

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    As with Nurse Dave, Planet and some other non-residents, I will refrain from voting. But FWIW, in the opinion of one person "from away," Portland Head Light is to Maine as the four-colored logo is to geocaching. I'm sure many of the coins will escape from New England, and the lighthouse would cause them to be more highly prized.

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    Post That's what I get for going to work today.

    Well I didn't mean to poke the hornets nest with my comment this morning. I went through and reread all the posts in both threads as well. True it was never stated about the out of state vote, I thought it was implied. Appairently I was mistaken. I'm sorry if I started something, however I still feel that GeocachingMaine where Maine is the operative word should get to pick our first one. I see I'm not exactly alone in this feeling. I too like both designs although I did vote for the state seal feeling it represented the whole state better. I will now go sit in my corner and be quiet.
    Happy Trails!
    Yeah it's a Jeep thing!

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    I'm a "coastie" but, I think it should represent all of Maine. I vote for #2.

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    Default Coin Vote

    As much as I like the Portland Head Light, I think it more appropriate for coin that represents all of Maine and therefore vote for the Maine seal
    Coastal Cachers

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    I have to admit it, I was all for design #2 because it reflects the whole state as well. I don't think there are any rules saying we can't have another coin made later, are there??
    Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong...that means ALWAYS set a waypoint to your vehicle!! Rob

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    I went ahead and voted because I just moved from Maine to Maryland in April and roughly 80% of my cache finds are in Maine. I'll leave it up to Cameoooooo. If, in her judgment, my vote should be disallowed then please do so.

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    Hello from California,

    We ran a poll on in our Geocachers of the Bay Area( coin club forums to decide how to cast our single vote.

    It came out 11-1 in favor of the Portland Head Light design.

    In general we feel that the rest of the country would be more familiar with the Head Light but agree that the Seal covers the entire state. I guess is it akin to putting the Golden Gate bridge on a California coin instead of the Hollywood sign... depends upon your location in the state as to how you feel about it.

    Anyway both are great designs and we are looking forward to receiving our coins.

    Feel free to remove our one vote since you guys should really decide upon your own design.

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    I DEFINITELY would have voted for a good scenic of Mt. Katahdan! And perhaps my wife would have agreed with me... :-P

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