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Thread: bug questions

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    A lot of items I notice "go missing" are because of new cachers. They might not be familiar with the "rules" or they are just starting and really dont care, if they see something they like, they take it. I guess they dont realize the efforts and disappointment of the owner should it be taken. I always like to keep an eye on my tb's and will send a friendly note if I see its inactive for a while. While this doesnt help all the time I think it may a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustPJ66 View Post
    I know alot of the bugs "goals" i have read say to go around where ever and then come back to the owner....have any of you actually had that happen or is that a bit to much to expect in reallity

    I also came across A TB the other day whose goal was to go from Texas to Bangor, Maine. It belongs to a geocacher I've never heard of. The cacher has only 4 finds and has not been active for a few years, but I'm bringing it up to Bangor anyway. What the hey.
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    The first bug I ever put out, Patryk, is still active and in Arizona. Patryk was logged in March. 27,702 miles. Honest I am just a Cow was logged in March and it is in California. 13,552 miles. The Official LaughingTerry TB was logged in March and is in Germany. 6,549 miles. Sitting Bear was logged in March and is in London. 8,510 miles. Of course I had have a couple TBs that disappeared before they ever logged the first mile. LOL If you are attached to it do NOT send it out.

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