I guess we bought before we did enough research. The Triton 400 we have seems to want to lose it's lock on the satellites and then reacquire frequently. I upgraded the firmware to 1.78 as soon as I got it...not knowing about what it might do. I'm not satisfied with it's performance in the great outdoors either. When we're looking for a geocache it counts down in the number of feet we are from the cache and if we move away and back again it gives a different reading. For example, if the unit says I'm 3 feet from the coordinates, I can walk a few feet away and walk directly back to the same spot and it might tell me I'm 9 feet away. I got the bundle that included National Geographic's TOPO that gave me some super quads. At one point, had to take the SD card out of the GPS to get it to not lock up. I've e-mailed Magellan to see what my chances are for a refund but I'm not getting my hopes up there. Any suggestions?