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Thread: Commercial Geobash???

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    Default Commercial Geobash???

    Sheesh! I just saw this listing on this website's front page.

    What???? Geocaching events sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce???

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    Default Caching for cash!

    Wasn't sure what to think about this, initially. But.... seems the folks in Wisconsin recognize that a whole bunch of geocachers using local lodging, restaurants and all else is a good thing for the local economy. Hard to disagree I suppose if your running the Chamber of Commerce.

    I guess this is a positive reinforcement that caching can have a positive economic impact. I think this is good..what do others think?
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    264 "Will Attend" posts......I think that sums it up.
    All in all, I think it's a good thing.
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    Default The more I think of it...

    The more I like it. Really, we sort of do this in a smaller fashion in Eustis every year. Campsites, restauraunts, grocerys, gas ect. it looks like 58 caching teams logged attended, and in my case that's 4 people. I know I used the gas station right next to the campground, plus the grocery and the little hot dog stand up the street. I would think that the "Useless" event has a postitive, end of year impact one the Eustis area. (Not to mention that it's so much fun each year)

    One of my thoughts about not worrying about micros or GRC's is that Maine is a large state that needs tourism, because we've lost most everything else. While this is not the most stable economic trend out there, it's that hand that we've dealt ourselves. I liked seeing the story about Bangor being a "numbers run" online. Ol' Baldy has been in the news encouraging geocaching on the coast. If we have inadvertantly stumbled on a way to help businesses, I think it's great! I would love to see Maine take an active road in promoting caching as a type of geo-adventure. Northern Outdoors in The Forks already advertises caching adventures on it's website. I really like seeing logs on my caches from flatlanders, it adds to my fun.

    Another plus for the Bangor area caches, maybe someone will take coins/tb's from that area and bring them out of state! (Smile EvilHomer, that was for you!)
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    The SC state group that I am a member of called YoGO in Rockhill, works very closely with the Rockhill Parks and Recreation and the York County tourism bureau. YoGO currently has a whole day of events scheduled on Dec. 5th and there is a whole history series of caches that will be announced on that day with the full cooperation of both entities along with the local Cultural and Heritage museum. They also have lots of money as well to spend and we have a coin being minted for this caches series which is being paid for by Rockhill too. They know how much money is spent by geocachers while in the area and don't mind spending some to get some back in return. Here are a few links to the events that I mentioned.

    Pretty cool wouldn't you say?
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    Default They have been busy

    The West Bend COC has placed 51 caches since they started in 2008 including the 2 megas. Wish we had some civic organizations that would do that. I have have done various COC, visitors bureaus, etc around the country. They all want to show us cachers what their area has to offer besides caching. Nothing wrong with that. And Tracey, yes the state of Maine HAS finally given a nod to our sport. Don't know what the motivation is, but it was not in a negative light.
    Happy Trails!

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