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Thread: Stud Mill Road Run, Equivalents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRF View Post
    Noooooo, I don't think I'm related to Jim, I can remember one younger sister but not a second. My memory isn't what it used to be so that could mean I'm related to Dubord because I seem to be suffering from C.R.S and that may be genetic.

    My day just keeps going from bad to worse.
    You can not remember what you had for breakfast let alone who your relatives are. I am glad that Dan and I are here to make your day better!
    You can't have everything. Where would you put it?-Steven Wright

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    Looks like I pissed of Law1646 over the "Agonizer". You should all go read his note he posted and my response ..... :-)

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    Oh, by the way, my series is in the Kennebunk area is about to get bigger. A lot bigger. As I type this, I am looking at a pile of about 60 cache containers all ready to go, of all sizes. Not all are for the series, but a considerable number are. And the name and theme of the series has been changed. It is nos a Star Wars Tribute series.... each cache dedicated to a different Star Wars aspect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CARoperPhotography View Post
    Oh, by the way, my series is in the Kennebunk area is about to get bigger.
    Listen Chadd,you and Mike are going to have to get your acts together...don't you guys realize the price of gas is up, the economy isn't do all that cachers can't afford to be driving back to the same place day after day, just because you guys can't place all the caches of a series at one time. That said can't wait to go back...

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    Yeah, I'm unemployed.... I realize it every day, Vic! ha ha

    About half of the 50 or so that will be published this week are on a dirt road in Kennebunk/Alfred that isn't plowed during the winter, so it should make things interesting for you all!! Just put my # on speed dial when you come to find them, and I'll be happy to come out and winch you out of a bad situation!

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    Default Southern Maine Centum!

    Merenner, Dawn of Trick or Treat, Team2Hunt and Lexmano swept through 75 or so Star Wars caches in about 3 and one half hours this morning. Lexmano left for home while the other three joined Serious Tool, the cache owner, for lunch.

    Team2Hunt bailed after lunch and Maureen and Dawn went on to complete a hundred plus find day. I do not have the final counts, but a Southern Maine Centum is now a managable goal.

    Congratulations Maureen and Dawn and thanks Chadd!

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    That it is! And it's getting rather popular too! You are more than welcome!

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    I couldn't believe the numbers you had already found just by lunchtime. Sounds like a great time was had by all. 104. Thanks Chadd et al.

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    Wow! 104 in York County! HA!

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    I just want to share something with all of your naysayers in regards to series of easily found highly concentrated micros like Stud Mill Rd. and The Star Wars Tribute here in Maine. I received this log this morning for one of the caches. You should read it and consider that this kind of cache density means far more than just numbers.... :

    Location: Maine, United States
    ponil found Star Wars Tribute: Han Solo (Traditional Cache) at 1/10/2010

    Log Date: 1/10/2010
    Where should I begin? I turned 50 this past week and wanted no part of any kind of party, well..... I was surprised when I expected a quiet evening at home, having a few drinks, and having some friends over. Well, they showed up and handed me a piece of paper stating that I had 10 minutes to get ready to go caching! They decided that we would cache all night and cache all night we did! We left the house a few minutes after 8pm, and picked up 2 other cachers! The crew included myself, Preferida, Team Salford, KBallsy and 76-CJ7 (who also turns 50 this week and I attended his party...). The goal was to do 50 caches over night, but of course I had to wear an astronaut costume complete with helmet and visor, as they had chosen all the Star Wars caches up in Maine! We arrived at our exit and we decided to get some coffee, and then start caching! It was a beautiful and very cold night, Team salford drove and announced the temperature everytime it dropped another degree with a low of 1 degree, we were in and out of the car all night long! I wore the astronaut costume complete with helmet and visor for the first 50 caches, the pictures I am sure will be posted. We finished early in the morning and went to a local 24 hour Diner near home for break feast. I arrived home at 7:20AM, with over 130(plus) caches done! I had a great time with great friends and a memory that will last for another 50 years. Thank you my friends for this fun surprise and thank you cache placers for making this possible! This cache was one we found along the way! TFTC, ponil

    Visit this log entry at the below address:

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