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Thread: Stud Mill Road Run, Equivalents?

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    Look up GC1YWM8 in Utah and then view it in Google Maps.... WOW!!!

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    Not only was that road crazy, but did you see the number of caches across the lake into Provo? That's hardcore cache hiding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRF View Post
    Ahhhhhh, I think I'm catching on here. There would be no accomplishment if I walked up to the top of a mountain following a path. The accomplishment would belong only to the person who blazed the path in the first place. Why would anyone walk the Appalachian Trail then? How come every toy comes with assembly directions, wouldn't it be an "accomplishment" if we assembled the toy without directions. What if they did change the length of a marathon? ( Wouldn't it be called something else?) Why not have a 5K race, ohhh, nevermind, they do but what I'm reading is that it really isn't an accomplishment. Sorry folks who have ever done a 5K race, these are diminishing the effort of only "true" runners therefore you must stop and not take pride in your ability or desire to participate. Truly sorry. No shortcuts. (not that it is but some perceive it to be) Either adapt or quit running/participating please!!

    WHY can't we let people enjoy their personal "accomplishments" without diminishing them continuously? Someone wants to blaze a path to a beautiful pond then why stop them? Why tell the next person who follows that path that they have achieved nothing?

    You may have addressed what an accomplishment is but it has raise alot more questions.
    Two thumbs up, my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post is working on a new virtual cache type just for this purpose. You just log the numbers of all the telephone poles as you drive by. If you can't read the numbers it is okay to just guess. If you feel the telephone poles are too far apart you are allowed to average the numbers on the two poles on either side. These are green caches because you don't waste all the extra gas by stop and go driving. If you don't feel like going out, you are allowed to use the street view feature of Google Maps to visit all the nice telephone poles. Soon street lights, road signs, and litter will be added to the loggable item list.

    Seriously, while I may not agree with numbers caching, I do understand attempting goals like 100 in a day. However, I feel when you intentionally place caches for the purpose of making it easier to complete these tasks, it makes that goal so much more valuable. When we know someone who completes a marathon, we feel proud of them, it is a great accomplishment. But what if they changed the length of the marathon from 26 miles to 26 feet?
    HAHAHAHA!!! I haven't laughed this hard in a while... Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CARoperPhotography View Post
    Look up GC1YWM8 in Utah and then view it in Google Maps.... WOW!!!
    Holy cow! Someone's been busy.
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    With Fairpoint, internet access has been an in and out affair over the past five days. Supposedly it's fixed now.

    Just read this thread and Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave. This is the holiday season, must you trash folks that are into micro-madness or SMR like series? We know you don't embrace those type of caches and that's fine. And I did find you're post humorous but geeze-Louise, I don't think we should discourage anybody that's trying to contribute to the game. If a fellow cacher took aim at your Battleship cache, I would suggest that they not be critical until they've tried it. I thought it was a hoot and the SMR series was a blast too. I think we can all like certain type of caches better then others, but why post something that will be clearly be interpreted by the cache placer and suggesting his or her cache or caches are not worthy?

    Curmudgeon or not, why not find something good in these NEW type of cache placements? I guess it's like music, I like Elton John, Billly Joel, James Taylor, Beethoven. I don't listen to Rap...ever but I'm not critical of the folks that do it and enjoy it.

    I'd embrace a "to each his/her own" philosophy about caching. Sure which you'd try that.
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    I am glad to promote variety and quality in the game. It has nothing to do with micros, I would not like to see ammo boxes hidden in such a manner, either. If everyone started hiding Battleship style caches you would hear my concern against them as well. In fact, many of the Bangor area multis were inspired or fueled by Battleship, and I was glad to see that trend subside when it did. Regarding not having done a numbers run before, I have - I did 20 virtuals in 2 days give or take in DC a few years back. It was fun, but they were not placed for the purpose of people finding a ton of them, and they all had value (historical/view/hide).

    My attempt in my post was not to bash anyone or any cache type, only a hiding style that I feel degrades the value of finding x number of caches. The first part of my post was sarcastic, but in reality IMO if all you want is to stop and log a find every .1 mile, you may as well be logging telephone poles.

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    Dave.... so YOU must be the one I was told about, over beers with several other big names cachers over the holiday weekend....

    .... please... between you and I (I'll keep it a secret)... is it TRUE that you only approve of a cache and think it is worthy of the title of "Geocache" if one must bushwack 6 miles in to find it, and 6 miles back out, UP-HILL both ways, in snow, and with only a Garmin eTrex H as your guidance? And that is, as long as it is a .50 cal ammo box?

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    I like caches of all sort! Myself and Marcipanek drove to Falmouth today to go for an FTF that was a 2 mile paddle into the middle of Casco Bay in December! In a damn CANOE! I'll happily partake in a paddle for an un-found 5-Hide, with as much pride and enthusiasm as I do when I run to a guardrail and grab a hide!

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    As a new cacher, I have thought a lot about the Stud Mill run and the numbers game. At first, I disliked the run because it seemed to just be a way that some people would get a quick 100+ caches. But, it made me realize that comparing my numbers to others would just lead to disappointment. This is especially true since I don't drive (maybe next year) and thus I have low numbers right now. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the caches I did as much if concerned with the numbers, so in that way the run was a good thing without me ever doing it. But, once I decided that comparing numbers didn't matter, I didn't have much of a problem with the quick numbers the run offered.
    Thinking about it now, I have no problems with the run. If you really play the game for the numbers, the 100+ offered really isn't that much compared to many other cachers numbers and other people have the same opportunity to do the run. So while it may diminish the accomplishment of get those caches, it is still the other caches that will make the real difference in the numbers game. If you don't play for the numbers, you are free to ignore the run. I also wonder if you spent the same amount of time in the Bangor area or other areas with fairly high cache density if you could get similar numbers of caches. (If my speculation is way off, feel free to let me know.) I think the difference that runs like these have made is in how people cache. While people could get large numbers in a similar time in urban areas, most people didn't plan a whole day around those types of areas. Now people are traveling hundreds of miles to get numbers they could get closer to home in urban areas. But, if people want to bring their money to Maine, I welcome them.
    Can't we all get along and just hate the people that log caches they haven't actually been to?

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