As I was reading another post - I thought this might be a fun topic. Post about a Memorable Cache, funny, unique, fun - something others might enjoy reading.

Or post about an event - again, memorable, maybe your first event, your most enjoyable event......just some thougts on events.

I can see this thread used to improve cache hides, get new ideas for hides in areas enjoyed by others, get ideas for events and more. If folks don't like the thread it will die its own death.

So - I will start.......My post will be about an event (and I could do some more). My very first overnight event and my daughter joined me. I was petrefied. Perhaps some of the folks there did not know that fact.

I hadn't been camping for years. In fact, I couldn't find my tent and we used my daughters. It was kayakerinme's 2006 Kayak event.

We planned our trip. Packed everything and planned on leaving in plenty of time to get there early and set up. Good thing we did as there was a storm coming........and we got set up ahead of the rain.

Not everyone did - and we all had fun hanging out under the eaves of the bathhouse/laundry and watching the rain fall and the thunder and lightening. I can't say enough about the hearty souls who attended. They didn't know us, but made us feel welcome. In fact, I think after we went to bed they were even trying to be quiet for us as they sat and enjoyed some refreshment and talked.

It was at this event, the host taught Francis Family and me about coins and trackables. Thanks for the intro which turned into a total addiction.

We didn't kayak that weekend (as I didn't have one and my daughter left hers home - plus a bit timid about the ocean kayaking bit) but we did enjoy doing many of the caches in Stoningon while some of the folks were out on the water.

This event made me know I would enjoy this sport and its variety for a long time. I was uplifted by the welcome of everyone, elated to renew my interest in camping and rejuveniate a bond with my daughter.