I was a bit under the weather and last night I was lying down seeing what was on some of the on demand channels of our cable company. In the Local category was a show named The Maine Show. I have never heard of it and can't seem to see where anyone has posted it here before, despite being an older episode. The last segment of this show highlighted Geocaching by finding Bruce's Got Moxie? (GCH9JK) by WhereAreWe (1/2). Another one of Bruce's caches, Wyman view (GC5337) by (Adopted by) WhereRWe? & RULOST2?) (1.5/1.5) was also highlighted on their cache list. They even held up a cache page clearly showing the Geocaching Maine logo on it which was nice.

The only thing I didn't like is that it shows the actual cache location. IMO that is bad etiquette. Otherwise, it is a good spot. I'm glad they picked a real nice spot like Moxie Falls.

If you have Time Warner Digital Cable check it out. If not, the episode is available online in a lesser quality. Look for Episode 2: Raft On!