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Thread: iPod touch/iPhone Geocaching apps

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    By the way, yes you can save the cache descriptions to the phone for out of 3G or cellular coverage areas.

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    Thanks all. I might have to break down and check it out. Not really a necessity but would be oh so handy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainiac1957 View Post
    If you have the iphone then go for it. I have a ipod touch and it is basically useless. The only way it works is if you have a wifi connection. It says you can get your PQ's on it, but I've yet to figure out how.
    Brad it seems you might be looking for Geosphere. There is quite the forum topic on it here:
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    I just threw Geosphere onto my iPhone for the hell of it. Just from playing with it a bit, it is not terribly straightforward. I can see where it would be good if you are traveling and want access to many pre-loaded GPX files, as sort of a data base but when it comes to simply finding out if there are caches nearby your current location, and retrieving info about them, and LOGGING your find, it is entirely too complicated.

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