Glad I was a firefighter, didn't have to figure those things out. But you know what they say about FF's......Lock a FF in a room with 2 ball bearings and come back in an hour. One ball bearing will be broke and the other missing.

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lol,,,, L.E.O would be to simple for a lawyer. They only understand "yoda-speak" or for us laypeoples, "legaleeze". They spend 6 years in school learning how to speak a different language. A cop to a lawyer = "Authority having Jurisdiction assigned by CRF 12222222.000000-0778999000 subject to title CRF66666666666-9999999 with exclusion to subsection of CRF 1903 8888888888-999999"

Had you said something similar to that then our lawyer friend would have said, "Ahhhh, a cop."