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Thread: Label Your Cache Containers

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    Glad I was a firefighter, didn't have to figure those things out. But you know what they say about FF's......Lock a FF in a room with 2 ball bearings and come back in an hour. One ball bearing will be broke and the other missing.

    Quote Originally Posted by TRF View Post
    lol,,,, L.E.O would be to simple for a lawyer. They only understand "yoda-speak" or for us laypeoples, "legaleeze". They spend 6 years in school learning how to speak a different language. A cop to a lawyer = "Authority having Jurisdiction assigned by CRF 12222222.000000-0778999000 subject to title CRF66666666666-9999999 with exclusion to subsection of CRF 1903 8888888888-999999"

    Had you said something similar to that then our lawyer friend would have said, "Ahhhh, a cop."

    Everyone has the right to be an idiot at times. Just don't abuse the privilege.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubord207 View Post
    Why not use "cops?" I know that one!
    Stands for "constable on patrol", right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake View Post
    Well I'm a Cancer . . . and my wife is a Pisces . . . I think Leos are born in mid-August to mid-September.
    My first thought was the junior membership of the Lion's Club.
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    I prefer cop. When someone calls me "Officer" I automatically assume they want something! As for the labels, I buy the green labels from groundspeak. I put a few caches out before that, and I put my name and email address on them. I do not put my phone number. On all my ammo cans I write "Geocache" in big letters. Being locally infamous, I'm sure most of the guys around here that would stumble across one of my caches will know my name. When I conduct my springtime rounds I bring a Sharpie and re-write all of the information so it can be read. Maine does not have the funding or the expertise of N.H. and Bomb Techs are almost non-existent. In fact, there are only a handful of bomb dogs in the state. (We used one last year during a bomb threat at school. Response time: 2 hours) I belong to the ever-shrinking school of "The statistics say that it's probably not a bomb" school of thought. Other than the occasional WW2 hand grenade or the stuff that washes up at Reid State Park from the Navy the likelyhood of a pipebomb showing up under my car is less than that of me hitting the powerball. I'm still driving a 10 year old pickup. I think it goes back to basic cache ownership. Good containers, proper hiding, and proper maintainance typically take care of any issues. Of course that leads us back to the conversation about what is a good hiding spot, but that's for another thread.....
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    Yeah, I'll get right on that.... marking my nano caches appropriately.

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