An engaged couple were out on a date one night, and were killed in an automobile accident on the way home.

When they got to heaven they asked St. Peter about getting married, since they had been engaged on earth and never got to be married. Peter told them let him check on it, and to get back with him in a month.

The month passes and Peter tells them that he's still working on it and to check back in another month. This continues for 5 years.

Finally, one month they come to Peter and he says, "Great news! We're ready to have the wedding!"

The young couple was very excited, and couldn't wait to finish the ceremony.

After 6 months they come back to Peter and tell him that they think they've made a mistake. "We'd gotten kinda used to being single by the time we got married, and we think we'd like to get a divorce and go back to the way it was."

Peter grabs his head and says, "Oh, no! You have got to be kidding me! It took me five years to find a preacher up here, and now you want me to find a lawyer??!!!"