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    Default Stop bragging!

    Quote Originally Posted by CARoperPhotography View Post
    Just a quick update..... Groundspeak and MainePublisher finally gave in and admitted that I was in the right and ended up reviewing and publishing my cache. Sometimes you need to keep hounding them. Groundspeak even apologized....
    Seriously, I think publicly posting this only increases the likelihood of further issues. My advice would have been to accept the result and share it on a more limited basis.

    No one likes having an adversary gloat.


    Probably, I should have chastised you in private, but this is more fun!


    Maybe you were right all along!

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    Good For You !!!
    I'm Pleased to hear this
    and Groundspeak appologized, Very cool!!!


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    Chastise me in private? HA! You are right, it is more fun in public.....

    If there are further issues, then so be it. Heck, there were bound to be the possibility of further issues due to me publicly posting the story in the first place.

    I thought by letting you all know the outcome of it all, you may have hope for any issues that may come up. Frankly, if a cache follows Groundspeak's placement guidelines as mine did, there should be no issues period. I have had enough issues with people going behind my back privately to try to screw me over. I am a fully "transparent" Geocacher, to utitlize a term used by our President.... I'd rather do things publicly when it comes to this sport than privately so as to protect myself. When everyone knows, there is no "secrecy" for anyone to hide behind. And mind you, there have been issues recently which I have gone about in private that none of you know about, but I will be happy to post here in the coming weeks if there is no solution to the situation!

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