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.....ooohhhhhhh....did she have any curmudgeon genes in her??????

Sorry Nana, no disrespect intended.
Oh yeah . . . very stubborn . . . I can't remember how many microwaves that she was given . . . and then turned around and gave away as gifts without using them since she steadfastly refused to use them until the day she discovered that she could microwave popcorn in it.

She was a real live-wire who will be missed . . . at least my grandmother . . . can't speak for Dave's Nana . . . she was the person who would be dancing on the table with the lampshade over their head, whereas my grandfather would be the guy in the corner quietly nursing his drink with a sappy smile on his face.

It may be a bit telling . . . but the last song she requested to be played at her funeral was Alleycat . . . a 1960s vintage song with some uh . . . interesting lyrics.