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I thought that caches such as location less caches or reverse caches as they were known before they were all archived were moved to Waymarking.com.

I should put a cache on my Jeep that you can only access if you find me and my Jeep in person and I allow you access to the cache. Heck, I'll fight the reviewers on it till I finally quit Geocaching because of yet another inconsistency.

I don't quite get having a Geocache which only a select few can be allowed to find. They mind as well put one in the Oval Office under the desk of the President. Or how about one deep inside Florence ADX supermax Federal prison in a cell next to the Unabomber? This is pure stupidity, and yet another example of the issues that are pissing me off :-)
I think Monica was the one who had the FTF on that one!