Well, today the Hostess, Host and I met at the building. Although a familiar place (as the last Maine Pirate Quest Event was held here), significant changes have been made to the venue.

The Host, mainiac1957, and Hostess, Quilting Mom, have a class act event planned for you. Some neat participatory events (things for kids too) and of course time to socialize, eat and whoooohhhh at least one cache near the venue if you have not done it.....

Now, I know they have not posted here yet so thought I would start the thread..........

This thread on GCM is where to tell them what you want ......are you ok with participation events such as an adult relay, hula hoop contest, etc? Would teams be ok? OR - Would you rather be just sit around and socialize? What about a socializer type Bingo - OR are you tired of these? All of the logistitcs for the event should be posted here.

Kids will have their own events. Hopefully there will be something for all ages. If you think this should just be a big social rather than any fun things to do - again - post your wishes here on this site.

Mainiac1957/Quilting Mom will be watching this site and may make some adjustments based on your posts.

There are a few things which should be posted on the Geocaching.com site so those who may not visit here will be aware - they are: you are coming and how many; what you are bringing for a pot luck dish/food/beverage - any specific concerns you have.

Things which should be posted here are communications with mainiac1957 and Quilting Mom about activities at the event (PMs and EMs are ok too); special needs; special concerns; and any other thoughts you may want to publically share.

Regretfully, this venue does not yet have wifi capability (I am working on it but it probably won't happen before the event)! They do, however, have plenty of space to set up laptops to demo GSAK. So if that is an interest - post it here so folks can bring their equipment. We are not time restricted so if you need help - let us know here so it can be arranged.

It would be helpful to know how many hot dishes are coming..........and if for the food contest - please make sure you register your dish when you arrive - hot or cold. More details will follow on this.

Last but not least - I am opening this post for mainiac1957 and Quilting Mom to add to, get information from and post information to......the GC.com page is to indicate you are coming and what you are bringing for pot luck (so those from away will have the info).

Watch the event page as it is subject to revisiion and changes as this fun event evolves.