Thanks for the acknowledgements both here and the pm's. We can't pick a favorite but 5000 caches does come with a lot of stories and adventures: the Groleau caches, the Deathwish caches, the "en cours de construction" cache at 11,000ft in Colorado which was snowbound the next day, our encounter with a mother bear and cub, encounter with a rattlesnake, encounters with police and gamewardens, the hikes and snowshoes to the tops of mountains with "sherpa Charron schlepping" refreshments. Most importantly though is the time we have spent geocaching with friends, our son, our grandchildren...we have a new grandson as of last Friday to introduce to geocaching ...and our time together. I did have to buy a nuvi to navigate with as Charron had a habit of telling me to turn well after we went by it! It's been a great journey since that first cache "Homeworld" on Christmas Day of 2002! It's interesting to note that out of the first 10 caches we did, only 3 are still active. Thanks again!