I have noticed a few new caches being put out by a new cacher, which is great. However, the choice of locations is not very good in my opinion. One is right behind the Bangor homeless shelter and some further up on 1st street and 2nd street. Please do not read into this as I am being biased, but there are some very, how should I put it, SHADY, goings on in and around these areas. I would even say it could be a borderline dangerous area. When one of the logs for one new cache states that the cacher could see kids playing in one corner of the park, and some people having SEX in the other, that tends to raise some red flags that this is NOT a good area for caches. Does anyone else agree with me or am I just being an idiot? If the new cacher is in here I would welcome them to comment and discuss this. I am just thinking of those of us who cache with kids.