I was thinking this would be fun. I want to get 10 travel bug tags and make some sort of whatever on them(I havnt figured that out yet). I want to send them out with a mission of whoever moves them the furthest will get an unactivated geocoin from me. I am thinking whoever moves any one of these 10 trackables the furthest over a period of 6 months will get the coin. To be eligible to receive the coin, the rules would be that you could not keep any of the trackables longer than 2 weeks, it has to be a cache to cache "hop". Meaning no "dipping", the furthest cache to cache distance. The trackables have to stay in North America, and post a pic of your gps and trackable at the "drop off" cache....I still have some other details on some other different things that I am trying to work out, but I think it would work. You could have 10 chances if you could find all 10 of the trackables...but my only worry is that someone might move it a good distance, log it in at the cache and then take the trackable home so no one else gets a chance to beat them...Anyone have any suggestions for this>?