There is a series of events going on in Fredericton, NB on April 10th and 11th. They are:
GC24GFZ (Bye Bye Winter CITO)
GC243KH (Bye Bye Winter Flash Mob)
GC243KH (Bye Bye Winter Bash)
GC247MX (Bye Bye Winter Night Cap)
GC24AY8 (Hellooo Spring Brunch)

Is anyone going? Would anyone be up for carpooling the drive up there? We aren't 100% certain we'll be able to go, and if we are we will most likely skip the brunch and drive back to Hermon after the Night Cap event, but if we ARE able we'd love to try to coordinate if anyone else is interested! Let me know... it sounds like it will be a fun-filled day!!