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Thread: I got my Oregon 550T today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingTerry View Post
    Nope, Father-out-lam and Mother-out-law both have jeeps. They haven't cached for a while but she is Loupa. Hers is the yellow one. When I took her geocaching the first time she decided she wanted a GPSr and a jeep. The next time I saw her she had both. LOL
    Had no idea who Loupa was but that is cool! Hey Terry - you coming to one of the 10 yr events??? Come on - isn't that before you get busy?? There are a number of them over many hours - hope we see you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcwhit View Post
    Can you tell me about the macro you got for your Oregon? What does it do? Where did you get it? I have a 400t, is there a macro I should be getting for it? Are you getting tired of all these questions yet?
    Go to this post on the geocaching forums.
    It is two pages long and has information about the macro. The last post on the second page has the link to download the latest version.

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