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    Default New England Capture the Flag -- Looking for Help...

    Hello all,

    We're only "occasional" geocachers in Maine, as we live over in Southern NH, even though we have spent a lot of time with family up in Lincoln, Maine. As such, we haven't yet met many of you, but hope to manage to attend one of the Bangor/Brewer events this summer if our schedules match up!

    We have been playing in the New England Capture the Flag game with the side of the "North" (Northern New England), and are looking to bring an NECTF TB up to Maine tomorrow (Wednesday, May 25).

    We're looking to see if there are some local cachers in the Bangor or MDI area that could help us out with some drops / pickups of some TBs preferably tomorrow or alternatively on any other days between tomorrow and Saturday, May 28. We've only bumped into one local cacher on the trail near Bangor/MDI, (cameoooooo) so we don't know who to ask in the area.

    If you would be able to possibly meet us at a cache in the area for an NECTF TB swap, let us know! You can email us through our profile if you would like to work out the specific details in email rather than in this forum.

    Thanks, and happy caching!

    -- Solid-Rock-Seekers
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