I'm afraid there's plenty of them in this area. I did a few of my fellow Power Ranger caches and woke up the next night with one burrowing into my side. Found another gnawing on my ankle....and I checked but didn't have Di check me. Should have let Eagle Eye look me over and put up with her usual "commentary" about my physique.

I thought I had it last year, for sure. The first test was iinconclusive so the blood work went to a lab on the west coast for what I'm told was much like DNA testing.

Negative results but all the symptoms. I was referred to so rheumatoid spe******ts and had every test known to mankind with a final diagnosis of arthritis, thankfully, not the rheumatoid variety.

It's nasty stuff. Bill Chinook, a friend of mine, took his life. We need to check ourselves and take this seriously.