Today in the few caches I found I ran into a strange situation. I logged a few caches then I could not find one on the site that I had found. I checked the cord's several times but had not luck. It was in the GPSr and the Nuvi, but not on the site. I fired up GSAK and there it was. I used that to get into the cache page. That's when I discovered it was archived.

I thought it very strange because it had been archived a couple months ago. I update GSAK weekly.

What I discovered was that the owner had not checked to see if the cache was indeed missing and just archived it. I also discovered that the PQ's don't pick up archived caches. So if someone decides to archive a cache for some reason, that's it. It will not update, but also wont be archived. I had not run into that before.

So what I did was clear out the GSAK data base and reload all my recent PQ's. That made about a 120 difference in the number of caches I have left to do.

Just something strange, to find two caches that I couldn't log.