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My PN-40 has never done ANY of this.... NEVER. I know that TeamHorwich's has never done any of this either..... and then I head from Iampaw and NativeMainer that they do this. Very odd. My PN-40 has been through thick and and thin with me without any real issues. Could this just be operator error or bad kharma? Sorry to say it, but what are you guys doing with your PN-40 different than us? Although, I must ask, where did you purchase yours? lol I am convinced that the PNs that are sold through Amazon are junk.... I have a friend in Cambridge MA who bought one for cheap from Amazon and he is convinced that we have better "satillite reception" in Maine than in Mass. HA HA HA As if reception differs from state to state when the states are only 15 miles apart at one point....seriously, you;d be better off just staying with the PN-40 even with the very odd glitches for your numbers run, than using your yellow eTrex.

OK, status update. I took the PN-40 up to Delorme this morning and they were very kind to check it out. They checked out the power supply and the chip on the unit, as I guess that has been a source of problems with a number of PN-40s. No problem there. As it turns out that you have to select the type of battery being used on one of the setup screens (alkaline, lithium, whatever). The techie guy that looked at it said that could be part of the problem. He scrolled through some of the waypoints and said, "Oh, you're a geocacher." (Well, yeah!) He mentioned that some of the data that I downloaded could be corrupt.

So, we'll see how it goes. It is working fine for right now. After I left, I used the PN-40 to find a couple of caches that are on Delorne's property.

Operator error? (maybe with the battery thing, but I'm conscientious about that now) Bad karma? (Well, karma is karma, it is neither good nor bad, but that's another discussion) I was on an FTF hunt yesterday morning, and I was driving from one cache to another and the thing just completely froze on me. The PN-40 has more functions than my yellow eTrex, and in some ways it's easier to use, but it does basically the same thing. I'm just glad that it's running now, and I'm gearing up for my numbers run next week.

I purchased mine through Cache Advance. I noticed on their Facebook page that they were selling the units with a $50 mail in rebate, so it came out to about $220. They're probably dropping the prices with the PN-60 coming out in a couple of months.