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Thread: Overcoming Self Consciousness

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    Actually this does help knowing others overcome their phobias by actually being more "out there" than normal. Since I posted, I did a few more caches around Popham and Dodge Point. I feel quite comfy in the woods, on paths where people are "supposed to be"; it's the guardrail nanos and the city center LPCs etc which still get me very nervous.

    I have actually set my pocketqueries to only give me larger-than-nano sized caches as most of the larger ones tend to be out of town.

    Thanks for your responses, "she" (ahem) hasn't gone onto a new hobby just yet ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexmano View Post
    This is the best technique for urban hides. You are simply invisible if dressed in that manner. I have my blaze orange vest and yellow hardhat, but I never seem to have them with me when I need them.
    That is a sight I would like to see.... have you any photos to share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cano View Post
    I remember one cache that was on a bench somewhere. Unfortunately some old man was sitting there, I asked him to go sit somewhere else, found the cache, put it back and walked away.
    Cano and I got accosted by some security people in Portland near the Expo looking for a nearby cache.... and all of a sudden, out come running a whole team of FEMALE FOOTBALL players running from the locker rooms to the nearby football field... how odd. Once they were gone, we quickly made the find....

    I think though that most of us are overly self conscious.... we ASSUME that everyone around us is watching our every move. You wouldn't believe how many muggles DO watch me, and then walk away without caring. Then again, some do ask questions.... but really, the majority don't care.

    If I am asked, I usually am bluntly honest. The worst that can happen is that they muggle the cache, which really doesn't happen much and the best that can happen is that they are intrigued and look into Geocaching, and start caching themselves! Most act interested and then promptly go back to what they were doing and forget about the whole thing....

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