My boyfriend and I tackled our first caches this weekend. We looked for six. Found two. Of course we didn't heed the advice to start with level 1 caches so that's our fault. We have a question about our GPS device. It's a Garmin ETrex Venture HC. It seems to jump around a lot and did not really take us to the caches. The reviews I read on said it would take us to within 10 feet or so of a spot. We felt that we only found the caches because of really good hints given on the webpage. We found one cache called Pirate's Booty. The hint was that it was behind a waist high stump. The GPS took us to the general area and we walked back and forth looking behind several stumps. After we found it we "tested" the GPS. Standing right at the cache location it was telling us we were 54' away from it. Is that normal? Should I return this thing and get a better one? The second cache we found was in a cemetery close to our house. We didn't even need the GPS due to the hint that it was behind the large pine tree. Again, we tested the GPS. We could walk 20-30' away from the cache spot and it was telling us we were within 2' of the cache.