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I have a few nature caches 20 miles east of Bangor but you might have trouble getting a car near them. But in that same area is Little and Big Peaked mountains (Often referred to as the "Chick Hill area"). There are great views there, though I am a bit partial because I grew up at the foot of the mountain.

It is a one mile hike from parking to the top of Big peaked.

Little Peaked Cave (GC1H3WW) by Zoltarus (3/3.5)
Feeling a "Little Peaked" (GC1597K) by parmachenee (2/3)
Cash Cache (GCJRHJ) by parmachenee (2.5/3)
Memories of Aefuss #4 No "Peak"ing!! (GC1BRC1) by WACO Wranglers (3/3)

This is very close to Chick Hill, short climb to a nice view overlooking a small pond...
Parks Pond Bluff (GCJ8BR) by ds04428 (2/3)
Great suggestions!