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Thread: Hello from Toms River.... New Jersey :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post
    I have a few nature caches 20 miles east of Bangor but you might have trouble getting a car near them. But in that same area is Little and Big Peaked mountains (Often referred to as the "Chick Hill area"). There are great views there, though I am a bit partial because I grew up at the foot of the mountain.

    It is a one mile hike from parking to the top of Big peaked.

    Little Peaked Cave (GC1H3WW) by Zoltarus (3/3.5)
    Feeling a "Little Peaked" (GC1597K) by parmachenee (2/3)
    Cash Cache (GCJRHJ) by parmachenee (2.5/3)
    Memories of Aefuss #4 No "Peak"ing!! (GC1BRC1) by WACO Wranglers (3/3)

    This is very close to Chick Hill, short climb to a nice view overlooking a small pond...
    Parks Pond Bluff (GCJ8BR) by ds04428 (2/3)
    Great suggestions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow One View Post
    Wow! I have quite a list gathered! Although I do want to get some numbers the first day or so, I do want to spend some time on a few hikes too. My favorite thing is to be out in nature. Oh, any wild animals or bugs I need to be aware of?
    Wild animals? Well there is Hiram . . . he can get pretty wild after a few Guinness . . . oh wait a minute, I'm thinking of me and the Woodchucks.

    Bugs? Blackflies this time of year are horrible . . . the one thing in Maine I cannot stand . . . but by the time you come up they should be pretty much non-existent. Mosquitoes . . . but they're slow and generally aren't too bad unless you're in the deep woods.

    If you work your way down to Acadia National Park you should stop at Birdsacre and the cache there . . . lots of cool birds and a cache to boot.
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    Acadia is definately one of the areas Id like to see. Ive heard its beautyful.
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    Check the log on

    GC1ZKD9 Garden Of Beauty

    before you go, there's been 4 DNF's recently, so it's probably not there. Hopefully it'll be there by the time you come....

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    This is an absentee cacher as of late he has several caches that have gone defunct so don't even bother. The Garden is worth the visit though.
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